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Melbourne university degree

The University of Melbourne, was founded in 1853, is one of The world's leading research universities, in The southern hemisphere's leading academic powerhouse. Melbourne university is located in Melbourne Australia's cultural and industrial center - (for many years been rated as "the world's most livable city"). University of Melbourne is one of the six sandstone universities of Australia, is the Australian eight school alliances, Pacific university union, the asia pacific international trade education and research alliances, the core members of the association of commonwealth universities, a founder member of the Universitas 21 and the secretariat is located, as one of the world's most prestigious university. As he hit the fake degree, and popularity.The university of Melbourne in each big authority throughout the years world university rankings, comfortably the world's highest. At the 2016 world university rankings, The Times higher education world university rankings, 33, USNews world university ranking 40, 42 QS world university rankings, academic world university ranking 44th. Emphasis on students at the university of Melbourne in academic attainments and personality cultivation of comprehensive ability, to shape the unique "Melbourne experience" for students (Melbourne Experiance).The ink is Australian university the most annual research funding.So far, the university of Melbourne is the only Australian eight still refuses to acknowledge the university entrance exam in China's universities.11 colleges and Melbourne business school at the university of Melbourne and Victoria college offers a vibrant learning environment.Main courses include: architecture, architecture and design, humanities, economics and business, how to buy diploma, education, engineering, institute of land and food resources, legal, medical, dental and health sciences, music, science and veterinary medicine. Melbourne university teaching and learning in multimedia classrooms, the application of new technology and the multimedia teaching materials are the teachers' own development at the university of Melbourne.Melbourne university graduates in the political, cultural, academic, business around the world stage. As a result of the school graduates in the ability to solve the problem, independent critical thinking and leadership potential to excel, therefore, of Australia and overseas well-known institutions are quite happy to recruit master degree graduates of our school.

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